on wearing a bodysuit

on wearing a bodysuit

Of all the things I love to wear during fall, early fall is my favorite because a skirt and a long sleeved top is easily my go-to before transitioning to sweaters, coats, and pants. Because I like this look so much, I gave in and decided to try this ridiculous looking trend that has been going on for a while... you see them everywhere and might even wonder why anyone would want to buy such a thing. Enter the snap crotch bodysuit. With a name like that, it's as silly as it looks when you pass by it at the store. You might have even looked at it and thought, "Is that an adult onesie?" And the answer to that question is yes, pretty much.

Pros of a Snap Crotch Bodysuit:
  • Actually looks really nice when you wear it; clean fit
  • Looks good with practically anything
Cons of a Snap Crotch Bodysuit:
  • Hell to put on
  • Hell to take off when you need to use the bathroom
Like a new relationship that you're still figuring out, I think I still need some time to process how I feel about this trend. It's definitely not love at first sight but it's good enough for me to want see where it goes. 

I wanted to link where I got this bodysuit but it was nowhere to be found online even though it's a new arrival. This outfit is courtesy of Forever21 

Boots: old (get a similar one here Alice + Olivia Suede Knee High Boots)



On one particularly beautiful day in DC, I made a point to stop by my old apartment at the waterfront. It was my last apartment in the city before I accepted a nursing job in Fairfax and moved back to the area. I stood by the gates and lo and behold, it opened! So I made my way through the courtyard, passed the gigantic pool that I used to have all to myself (because thats how medical staff schedules roll), and looked up at the floor to ceiling windows of my old home.

Hey, 1003, I remember you. We played a lot of En Vogue from the 90s and had epic dance parties in that living room. We also saw a lot of me sprinting naked from the bathroom to the bedroom after showers because I always forgot to close the blinds. And let's not forget how loyal you were when I went through months of agony and spent all those nights watching youtube videos of One Direction (?!?!) to make it until the morning.

Note: Never watch youtube videos of One Direction when you're going through a trying time.

But you know, it was in that apartment, paired with going through a blip in my life, that I learned to do things intentionally. I wrote in my journal out in the courtyard on beautiful sunny days with intent. I made coffee in the mornings while listening to a podcast with intent. I bought flowers for my kitchen table every week with intent. It didn't matter if it was something small that I was doing, what mattered was that I was being intentional with my time.

And even though it may sound silly, dressing up should also be intentional in my opinion. I know we all have those days we want to bum around in sweats. Believe me, I would be a world champion if it were a competition. But I personally am starting to really enjoy putting the extra effort with what I want to wear even if it means that I'm just going across the street for a cup of coffee and a croissant because my intention is to feel wonderful on the inside and on the outside while I'm enjoying my breakfast. And truly, every day ought to feel that good.

Get the look from H&M!

Skirt:  A-Line Teal Skirt

Sweater: Rib-Knit Powder Pink Sweater



It's finally September and the start of a very busy month ahead! Classes are starting up again at FIT and it's also one of the most fun times in NYC with New York Fashion Week happening in about a week. In the middle of all of that, I still have to buckle down and find a home away from home somewhere in the city that isn't a hotel or my trusty Airbnb. Taking recommendations for studio/1 bedroom apartments basically anywhere. (This is kind of a lie since obviously we need to talk rent cost but hey, let's chat)

On another note, I'm studying to become a certified fitness instructor. If you know me at all, you know about my love for Sensazao and how it's become an integral part of my life whether I'm in NYC or DC so to be able to intertwine this with fashion seems like the ultimate dream for me. I'm so excited and can't wait for the upcoming months.

Now I should probably start packing since I'm the kind of girl that takes a couple of years to get some clothes in a suitcase. You can bet that I'll be taking these two outfits from Zara along with me to the NYFW events. All of these pieces are available now and I've provided the links below.

Get the look!

Outfit 1

Skirt:  Short Tapestry Skirt

Shirt: Rib Top

Bomber Jacket: Glossy Bomber

Shoes: Leather Mid Heel

Outfit 2

Skirt: Pleated Midi Skirt 

Blouse: Frilled Printed Top

Shoes: Leather Mid Heel