Welcome to my own tiny space on the internet -- a place that serves as my personal fashion diary, and maybe even a few posts about the foods that I cook (if I can remember to take pictures), and the places my feet take me. 

Some boring stuff about me: 

I just turned 30 and I feel the need to stress this in just about everything I post on social media because the truth is, I can't believe it. Like how did I get here already? And are those my ovaries crying at night? Kidding. 

I have three degrees: Dance, Public Relations, and Nursing. I'm currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and in the summer, I will be heading to the London School of Fashion. Fun fact: I never used my PR degree but I did own my own piano studio right out of college. 

My hobbies include reading for fun, hand writing letters, classical piano, tea, going to museums, ballet, Sensazao dance fitness, baking and cooking, eating cheeseburgers, watching documentaries, exploring new places, and car karaoke. 

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