When you aren't a runner

When you aren't a runner

Just a random post to let you know how much I hate running. Actually, maybe not hate because  lately it's been kind of enjoyable with the cooler weather but in general, my feelings for running are not very positive. And mostly because it's hard.

Over the past few years, as I started taking more fitness classes and then became a certified instructor for different formats, my classes have always been high intensity/high cardio. And I gravitate towards workouts that are the same. I teach back to back classes and recently over the past few months started cross-training at solidcore. So I figured when I joined the solidcore family to run the Rock n Roll DC marathon (or in my case, half), I thought that I was going to be in good enough condition to start training to run long distance... which I haven't done in exactly 10 years. But I couldn't be more wrong.

Running is miserable. Miserably hard. I'm hitting 3-5 miles and then just can't push any further or can't get mentally enthusiastic to try. So I'm wondering if anyone reading this is a runner and would be willing to offer some tips? Maybe even songs to put on a playlist that gets them going? Running groups/clubs... are they worth it? And good tips for when the weather starts getting colder? I'm definitely an outdoor runner and probably will not get on a treadmill during the winter unless I really have to. Feel free to message me on instagram, FB, email, anywhere! And thanks in advance!

And just because it's September, here I am whipping out the denim jacket and boots as if my heart isn't secretly shattering into a million pieces because the days are getting shorter and I could live with summer all year long.