the time I remembered I had a blog (again)

Dusting off this blog with a fun, playful look from none other than a great company I love representing: Zara.  I know its been radio silence here for over a year but other than the new extra 20lbs I've brought along with me, I've just been doing what seems to be what I'm always doing; untangling myself from the confusion over what I want to do, figuring out what brings me real joy, and navigating living a life that is meaningful. I want to say it's the gemini in me - just constantly being in a state of flux. And truthfully, it's exactly what this past year has looked like. I came home and settled back in DC where I started my fitness career - teaching non-stop and really honing in on other workouts to cross-train. I took up another nursing job after I swore up and down I would never do again. But there I was - opening up an office in Arlington from the ground up, recruiting and hiring nurses, and providing free vaccines to students in the county. It was the best nursing gig I ever had. And just recently, I completed real estate classes in DC. 

So I think it's probably safe to say that I'm most likely going to start branching this blog out into other aspects of my life rather than it being exclusively for fashion (but after fashion week because let's be honest, I live for all of that) For example, maybe it's also because I'm 33 but I feel that it's important, and quite possibly a life skill, that everyone knows a good recipe for chocolate cheesecake muffins or a blueberry lemon cake. Am I right, or am I right? 

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