When I put this dress on, I thought two things: firstly, yes to the ruffled and puffed up sleeves that the 80s would be jealous of, and secondly, heyyyyy Maleficent! Just to be clear, I'm an angel. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But I can't deny that I was feeling this dress and I knew I had to have it. Kind of like when I'm innocently passing by a Shake Shack and can't say no to their fries... at the very least.  I know you're with me on this. Shake Shack is never a bad idea. And since this dress is basically equivalent to a Shake Shack burger and/or fries, it was kind of a no brainer that the dress could never be a bad idea either. 

And so here we are. Maybe you'll find yourself being featured in a street style collage in an issue of  Vogue Mexico y Latinoamerica. 

Definitely not a bad idea.

Get the dress! 

Dress: Zara v-neck denim dress