It's finally September and the start of a very busy month ahead! Classes are starting up again at FIT and it's also one of the most fun times in NYC with New York Fashion Week happening in about a week. In the middle of all of that, I still have to buckle down and find a home away from home somewhere in the city that isn't a hotel or my trusty Airbnb. Taking recommendations for studio/1 bedroom apartments basically anywhere. (This is kind of a lie since obviously we need to talk rent cost but hey, let's chat)

On another note, I'm studying to become a certified fitness instructor. If you know me at all, you know about my love for Sensazao and how it's become an integral part of my life whether I'm in NYC or DC so to be able to intertwine this with fashion seems like the ultimate dream for me. I'm so excited and can't wait for the upcoming months.

Now I should probably start packing since I'm the kind of girl that takes a couple of years to get some clothes in a suitcase. You can bet that I'll be taking these two outfits from Zara along with me to the NYFW events. All of these pieces are available now and I've provided the links below.

Get the look!

Outfit 1

Skirt:  Short Tapestry Skirt

Shirt: Rib Top

Bomber Jacket: Glossy Bomber

Shoes: Leather Mid Heel

Outfit 2

Skirt: Pleated Midi Skirt 

Blouse: Frilled Printed Top

Shoes: Leather Mid Heel

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