the socks that tried

the socks that tried

Dress: Zara | Socks: F21 | Shoes: F21
You guys. It's December. And it also means this post is about two months late. You see, out here in DC, it's already feeling like winter and in these pictures, I'm wearing a dress with over-the-knee socks. So, can we talk about this outfit for a second?

I don't claim to be fashionable or anything but I know when I'm breaking rules. Or 'taking a risk' as some would put it. I'm not tall or couture enough to take these risks but I take them anyway because if I wear 4 inch heels, maybe I can get away with it. It all started when I wanted nothing more this fall season than to purchase some over-the-knee boots. The problem with buying them was finding the perfect pair. I wanted them black, snug, and with high, skinny heels. And not leather. Oh, and no ties either. After I couldn't find them, I basically threw my arms up in the air and said screw it.

Enter my obnoxious over-the-knee socks which I hadn't worn since I bought them a few years ago. I'm not sure these socks will ever be cool or stylish but let's pretend one day they will be. Let's also pretend that one day it will be ok to wear socks with open toe shoes.

I kind of want to care that that I'm going against some basic fashion 101 but really, #wearwhateverthehellyouwant.