On one particularly beautiful day in DC, I made a point to stop by my old apartment at the waterfront. It was my last apartment in the city before I accepted a nursing job in Fairfax and moved back to the area. I stood by the gates and lo and behold, it opened! So I made my way through the courtyard, passed the gigantic pool that I used to have all to myself (because thats how medical staff schedules roll), and looked up at the floor to ceiling windows of my old home.

Hey, 1003, I remember you. We played a lot of En Vogue from the 90s and had epic dance parties in that living room. We also saw a lot of me sprinting naked from the bathroom to the bedroom after showers because I always forgot to close the blinds. And let's not forget how loyal you were when I went through months of agony and spent all those nights watching youtube videos of One Direction (?!?!) to make it until the morning.

Note: Never watch youtube videos of One Direction when you're going through a trying time.

But you know, it was in that apartment, paired with going through a blip in my life, that I learned to do things intentionally. I wrote in my journal out in the courtyard on beautiful sunny days with intent. I made coffee in the mornings while listening to a podcast with intent. I bought flowers for my kitchen table every week with intent. It didn't matter if it was something small that I was doing, what mattered was that I was being intentional with my time.

And even though it may sound silly, dressing up should also be intentional in my opinion. I know we all have those days we want to bum around in sweats. Believe me, I would be a world champion if it were a competition. But I personally am starting to really enjoy putting the extra effort with what I want to wear even if it means that I'm just going across the street for a cup of coffee and a croissant because my intention is to feel wonderful on the inside and on the outside while I'm enjoying my breakfast. And truly, every day ought to feel that good.

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Skirt:  A-Line Teal Skirt

Sweater: Rib-Knit Powder Pink Sweater

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