Three Ways to Style a Basic Black Sweater

Three Ways to Style a Basic Black Sweater

Whenever I go out to buy winter essentials, a basic black sweater is always on top of my list. It may seem less than exciting but its secret is that it is every stylists dream because of its ability to be infinitely versatile.  I can go from day to night, casual to a little more dressed up all at once. Whenever I think, I have NOTHING to wear!, I talk myself off that ledge and pull out the sweater because actually I do have something to wear... and I can mix and match things already in my closet and look like I'm wearing a new outfit each time. It's genius, to be honest. 

Here I have my favorite basic black sweater (turtleneck too, mind you) and I've gone ahead and styled it three different ways. What I love about each look is that it can be transitioned to day to night easily depending on where you go. This is a major plus for me! If I can wear the same outfit all day, I'm sold.

Look 1: Oversized Pants

It may seem strange to want to pair an oversized sweater with oversized pants but it works. I can't tell you how much I love this look because of the fact that its incredibly comfortable but also makes me feel chic. It's very New York but the pants are kind of LA. Do you know who Tania Sarin is? She lives in wide leg pants and is my favorite fashion blogger on the west coast. I feel like we could be soul sisters in this outfit. Actually, scratch that. We most definitely are soul sisters. 

Look 2: The Mini 

Black sweaters have a  99.999% chance of looking good paired with a mini skirt. Feeling cold? Throw on some tights, wear over-the-knee boots... you really can't go wrong. Again, this outfit makes me feel chic but also sexy at the same time. 

Look 3: Jeans 

The most obvious pairing! The trustworthy jeans! My usual go-to for sweaters are almost always jeans (sometimes with yoga pants too, if we're honest) Since I was planning to go from day to evening out, I brought along a leather jacket and wore some nice warm Gucci loafers for some pizzaz.