summer kicks

summer kicks

If there's one shoe that I'm always wearing this summer, it might surprise you that it isn't a pair of flip flops. It's actually a brand that I've been wearing since I was a kid - a good old pair of Keds. I used to have them in every color and can even remember how I would color coordinate my Keds with my biker shorts/oversized loose tee aka my staple 90s attire.

Well, I'm bringing my beloved childhood shoes back into my life. I recently ordered a new pair and as luck would have it, it came to my doorstep 20 minutes before I left for the airport. There wasn't a need to break them in as they were already super comfortably and offer a lot of support. They walked all over the streets of London through the good times and the bad (thanks London rain) and even though they're white, they were a breeze to clean when I ran through dirty puddles and watched them turn from white to black.

I'm wearing the Chillax Basics because I'm 31 now and don't believe in laces. And also because you can just slip them on and run out the door in a seconds which is perfect for the woman on the go.

Shop yours here! Shoe is true to size.

Shoes: Keds Chillax Basics in White