on wearing a bodysuit

Of all the things I love to wear during fall, early fall is my favorite because a skirt and a long sleeved top is easily my go-to before transitioning to sweaters, coats, and pants. Because I like this look so much, I gave in and decided to try this ridiculous looking trend that has been going on for a while... you see them everywhere and might even wonder why anyone would want to buy such a thing. Enter the snap crotch bodysuit. With a name like that, it's as silly as it looks when you pass by it at the store. You might have even looked at it and thought, "Is that an adult onesie?" And the answer to that question is yes, pretty much.

Pros of a Snap Crotch Bodysuit:
  • Actually looks really nice when you wear it; clean fit
  • Looks good with practically anything
Cons of a Snap Crotch Bodysuit:
  • Hell to put on
  • Hell to take off when you need to use the bathroom
Like a new relationship that you're still figuring out, I think I still need some time to process how I feel about this trend. It's definitely not love at first sight but it's good enough for me to want see where it goes. 

I wanted to link where I got this bodysuit but it was nowhere to be found online even though it's a new arrival. This outfit is courtesy of Forever21 

Boots: old (get a similar one here Alice + Olivia Suede Knee High Boots)

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