chokers and a whole lotta chest

My two favorite things in the world right now are black chokers and a nice plunging neckline. The weather has been hot as peppers so the deep neckline seems even more justified. I get that this look isn't for everyone so let me just say this: I love being in the itty bitty titty committee if not for this very reason alone. No bra, no problem! Really low cut shirts, dresses, jumpsuits... we can get away with wearing it all! I mean, we should be happy with the body that we have so just count me in for being optimistic.

Also, if you missed it on my snapchat, I scored this choker from Papaya Clothing for a grand total of $3.00! I have been wearing a few Fallon chokers but I understand the choice to not want to splurge so get to a Papaya because this gem is too good not to have for an unbeatable price.

Wearing: Reformation Jumpsuit | Papaya Clothing Choker 

Get the look for less!

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