happy to be 30

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Chanel | Sunnies: Spring 
If we're connected on facebook, instagram, or you have the unfortunate pleasure of following my snapchat stories (sorry not sorry), then you might know that I recently made a few changes in life. And truthfully, I owe it all to this blog. This silly little space where I like to post up outfits and take photos and write about all the unimportant things in my life. It connects me to you and all I can say is thank you for clicking the link to get you here. Maybe you're just being nosy but isn't that part of the fun of the internet, anyway? :)

About a month ago, I left my full time job as a nurse in the pediatric emergency department to pursue an opportunity to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the London School of Fashion. I was nervous to quit such a stable job for something completely unrelated to anything I've done professionally but in my heart, I wanted to accept both offers. And I did. 

I can't speak for everyone but I always start feeling sad when it gets closer to my birthday. This year was an especially big year for me as I officially left my twenties behind and joined the thirties club. As an unmarried woman with no children, I don't necessarily evaluate my life based on not accomplishing both those things yet (although my younger self would have probably imagined my present self having checked both those things off by now) but rather, I evaluate my life based on personal accomplishments and goals and more importantly, happiness. Happiness is a funny concept because it not only sounds cliche, but it can be trivial when compared to 'more important' aspects of adult life such as financial stability. 

As a nurse, I enjoyed being able to help others. I enjoyed learning all the clinical skills. But I was really unhappy about the long, abnormal hours I could never get used to. I missed sleeping and eating on time. I missed being able to go pee when I wanted to. I missed being able to work out and having more control over my schedule. I missed not feeling tired ALL THE TIME. (So really, if you're reading this and you know a nurse, please thank them. They put up with a lot of stress and sacrifice so much. They are angels, I tell you!) All of these things made me kind of unhappy. And when you're feeling unhappy as you're on the verge of turning 30.... you might do crazy things like take on fashion.

So New York and London. I'm not sure where all this will lead but I can tell you that I'm quite happy in this station of my life. Bring it, thirties! 

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