NYFW Outfit

I'm late to the party here but New York Fashion Week, I just really love you. It's fun to see the newest trends but mostly, it's fun to see how festive it becomes for everyone. New York street fashion is on another level. It's inspiring, it's creative, it puts a big smile on my face. Over the next few days, I hope to post my favorite outfits I wore to the shows. This is my first pick because I love the cab hat and combat boots. It's a nice twist to a dainty dress. I'm pretty much obsessed with this because never in my life would I have thought that I'd ever wear combat boots. (Just kidding. My 18 year old Myspace self would have worn them. But also my 18 year old Myspace self went through some punk/emo/goth phase that nobody really knew about.)

As some of you know, I started fashion school back in 2016 at FIT and then last summer, I got to study design in London. To make a long story short, I've been learning a lot of what I like and after a lot of thought, I had to say goodbye to FIT this year. The good news is that I transferred to another school and as luck would have it, I can complete my fashion degree in only two semesters! This is pretty huge for me since I'll be 32 in a few months and being in school for much longer isn't something I want to do. The bad news is I missed the fall deadline so I won't be back in the city I love until next spring. But thankfully I'm still working and booking projects so while I won't be living in NYC at least I'll still be able to do work up there.

In the meantime, I'm teaching dance fitness and a fusion of pilates, boxing, and ballet barre while I'm in DC for the majority of the next nine months. So here's a shameless plug for me to invite you all to take my classes and get a fun workout in while burning some serious calories. Message me if you're interested!

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  1. Wow, you're building quite an impressive résumé! Best wishes on the completion of your fashion degree and everything that follows.
    I love the ruffles, pin-striped fabric, tie-waist and bell sleeves of the dress you modelled in the outfit photos above and all of your poses.