New Year, New Coat

I've recently started cycling and one of my favorite instructors said that she thought New Year resolutions were bullshit. And I kind of loved her for that. 

I have never been the one to actually follow through on any resolutions I make. It's a struggle to even follow through my plans for the week, whether it be cooking a meal that I've set my heart on, or even sometimes waking up early enough to workout. Sometimes I'm so crappy that I cancel out on plans because I'd rather be in my pajamas while watching Dateline in bed... even though I keep telling myself that it'd be nice to make an effort to be social once in a while. 

Truthfully, if I can make it through this life being a better version of myself than I was last year, or even just yesterday, I think it's good enough for me. I realize that every day is a gift and if I can just be kind to myself, kind to the people I love, kind to those I am fortunate enough to meet during my time here on earth... and do things every single day that make me happy, then that seems like a win all around in my book. The triumphs that have made me feel accomplished this past year have all happened to me because I was doing something I enjoyed and therefore was (kind of) good at. It might not have paid me as well, or it wasn't considered 'stable' enough on paper, but I was living my best life. And shouldn't life ought to feel that good? (Or maybe it just feels good to be vague?) So, no real resolutions for me this year. 

Except maybe just eat more tacos.

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