NYFW Outfit: Second Pick

Like many others out there, Beyonce is kind of my spirit animal. Whenever her song comes on or she's performing on tv, something takes over me and I feel like I AM the queen. Like I can do anything I want and I can be anyone I wanna be. What a boss ass betch, that Bey. So it really wasn't surprising that the moment I got to wear this dress, my inner Sasha Fierce came right out, but you know, in a more classy and demure manner since it was an Alice McCall show that I went to.

By the way, anyone else living for the bows, scrunchies, and headbands that are trending back again? I've been waiting for a scrunchie comeback for years and I'm so excited that IT'S. FINALLY. HERE.

Yes to the bow, yes to the all the bling that makes this dress shine bright like a diamond, and yes to my legs because when else will I ever get to wear something like this again?

1 comment:

  1. OMG, that sheer sequinned black bell-sleeved maxi-dress is gorgeous! You look fabulous wearing it. I really love sheer fashions and love that they are so much in vogue.