on being 31

Over the weekend, I celebrated my thirty-first birthday. I spent the day with my parents who drove up to New York. When they asked what I wanted to do to celebrate, there was really only one thing on my mind: Smorgasburg. Because it's my birthday and I'll eat what I want. 

Smorgasburg in Brooklyn on a sunny weekend day is what my dreams are made of, especially when all you want to do is wear stretchy shorts and sit out in the grass to bask in the glory of all the food you've managed to carry with two hands. My favorites that I would definitely want to eat again would probably be the ramen burger and the mango flower with chili. It's exactly what it sounds like...  a mango cut into the shape of a flower, topped with chili. And it's pure magic. In leu of a birthday cake, I ate an ice cream cone wrapped in a cloud of cotton candy the size of my head. You absolutely must visit Wu Kong in NYC to experience this because it's freakin WORTH IT. 

And since I'm 31 and as old as moldy cheese, I did what any old person would do on their birthday. I put  in an application for an apartment in the East Village.  I know, its a mission I've been on for quite some time now. Well, you guys, I'm here to tell you that this is most likely not the end of the road as many others applied for the same apartment at the same time I did. If I could roll my eyes any harder... 

I'm still so very thankful for the past year as I've had so many great opportunities in this crazy world of fashion and can't believe I'll be heading to London next month to design athletic wear! And the greatest birthday gift of all is booking a project in the Bahamas! I'll have more information on it soon but it's safe to say in the words of Jessie Spano: I'M SO EXCITED!!! 


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