Kodak series: Ireland 1999

The other night, I was going through some old photo albums and came across old pictures that I took from a disposable camera when I was still in middle school. I didn't realize how long I actually used disposable cameras (up until my freshman year of college in 2004!) because it's  hard to think there was a time in my life when I didn't have an iPhone. I think these photographs are precious so I wanted to share some of my travel photos that my 12 year old self took. This particular post is about the time I went to Ireland.... for a pair of shoes. 

I was in seventh grade when I saw Riverdance for the first time on VHS. I had already been dancing for years at this point and tap was my jam. Whatever they were doing on Riverdance just looked like a more challenging version of all the shuffle-ball-changes I was doing in tap class but I was all about it. I wanted to learn. And as it turns out, finding an Irish dance studio was pretty easy in our area. Go figure. Long story short, when I transitioned from soft shoe to hard shoe in class, my mom and I decided to take a weekend trip to Ireland so I could get the best hard shoe (or if we're being honest, we just wanted an excuse to go to Ireland). My dad works for the airlines so we were lucky to be able to hop on a plane whenever we wanted for free. 

The unfortunate thing about traveling when you're still young is that you're not as appreciative of the amazing opportunity to be immersed in another culture and in my case, I can't really remember what I did or what I saw other than being incredibly excited about getting a new pair of dance shoes. But I do have these photos and it gives me a window into what my 12 year old self thought was interesting and unique in Dublin. And I got to say, it's quite sweet. 

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