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Random story:

Last night, my friend and I were discussing his wedding. There isn't a date set yet and he's not really religious. Long story short, I started researching alternative officiants for him and shortly after, I somehow ended up becoming ordained online (non-denominational) and am now legally able to officiate weddings... and funerals and house blessings too, among other things. I, myself, was raised Catholic but somehow through my adult years, I guess you can say I've become more of just a spiritual individual. And now it looks like I'll be officially officiating his wedding which is an honor but also quite hilarious. At least for me. But to be honest, after giving it some thought, I actually think I might want a close friend or family member to officiate my wedding one day. You know, if I actually get married and settle down one day faaaarrrrrrrr in the future. But hopefully not too far where my ovaries have completely expired but far enough. 

By the way, I can totally see my twenty-three year old self shaking her head at me regarding marriage. We have opposing views. 


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