Faux Leather Pants

On days that I don't want to wear denim, and I'm not sporting yoga pants to go workout, I like to wear faux leather pants, especially in NYC because where else can you wear pleather pants at 7am like its no big deal? Or maybe I should say, when else can you feel like Olivia Newton-John when she's killing it in that last scene in Grease with John Travolta? However you want to look at it, I've really come to embrace these pants over the past year as an acceptable day attire and not just something we pull out of our closet for a night out on the town. I remember feeling self-conscious wearing it to an art gallery opening one afternoon with my friend last winter and looking back at it now, that was pretty silly on my part because #nooneislookingatme and more importantly, #whydoicarewhatpeoplethink. Actually, maybe we should talk about why I'm explaining things in #hashtags? 

Anyway, I wore this outfit over the weekend when I was in NYC for one of the biggest fashion conferences in the city. I'll write about the entire experience separately because something so fun and important deserves its own post. In the meantime, an update on my apartment search! NADA. NOTHING. ZIP. I can't really decide what's more tough... finding a good guy to date or finding an apartment ;) 

Wearing: Express Scuba Legging

If you want to rock the shizz out of some pleather pants yourself, get the look for less!

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  1. Lol!! That was too funny. Love your blog, Marie! Our photo shoot is due!!

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