The Bomber Jacket

Two things to note about fall: a vintage bomber jacket is a must-have and you can most definitely wear white after Labor Day. I learned that bombers are pretty big in New York and that every fashionista wears one... and it's pretty smart considering how it goes with anything. It completes a casual look and it can add that extra spark to a dressed-up outfit as well.  Also, I love that everyone who is anyone in the fashion industry liberally wears white no matter what the season and I couldn't be happier. I always thought that wearing white after Labor Day was a major faux pas but if the big names wore it to Fashion Week and are continuing to do so... then who I am to adhere to some archaic made up rule?

Wearing: Old bomber | MotherDenim Jeans | Celine flats 

Get the look for less!

Bomber Jacket: Forever21 Zip-Front Bomber | Guess Kazra Patches Bomber | NastyGal Patch Me on the Flipslide

Jeans: MotherDenim (similar) Jeans


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