the waiting game

Trench: Burberry | Jeans: Madewell | Shoes: F21 | Purse: Target | Sunnies: Marc Jacobs
I just finished up another night of studying for the NCLEX when I thought the only thing that sounded like a good idea before getting into bed was to make a nice cup of tea. I was walking into the kitchen when I noticed how bright everything was outside. It's snowing in Virginia and while it's still just a dusting, it's the most I've seen all winter. Ask my immune system, who has been suffering for weeks now, how it feels and it will tell you that it's not too thrilled. It's been in the teens and low twenties over here these past few days, making anything outdoors miserable. This girl is ready for warmer weather, flowers, fewer layers of clothes, running outdoors, driving with the windows down and all that jazz.

But for the meantime, between the gym and the books, I'll be snuggled in my bed, beneath comforters and watching netflix. I can think of more terrible ways to spend the awkward phase of waiting around to becoming a licensed nurse, right?

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