a blazing idea

Blazer: H&M | Pants: Madewell | Shoes: Michael Kors | Clutch: NineWest | Sunnies: Marc Jacobs

Well, if any of you actually know me, you'll know that I finally graduated from nursing school last month and it was kind of a big deal. At least for those of you that had to put up with me for the glorious 15 months that I would not ever do again. But here I am, at the start of a new year, still feeling giddy whenever I think about how I can tell people that I'm a nurse. It's a nice feeling considering I went through 4 years of college before and never felt proud of the degree I earned and that feeling was only intensified by my lack of contribution to society while working in the 'real world' -- ya know, the typical early twenties syndrome. Now, I'm just slowly studying my way to my NCLEX date. I'm sweating just thinking about it but that can be another story for another day.

On another note, should we talk about blazers? Look, I never thought I'd say this. But I think every girl needs a blazer in her closet. I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing one back in the day when I worked in the corporate world but I was young, blind and pretty much unwilling to go beyond a cute dress (which got me in lots of trouble at work so if I were you, I'd invest in a blazer). All I'm saying is that a blazer is infinitely adaptable. Hello 80s bright bubble gum pink blazer with shoulder pads... you pretty much just rocked my weekend attire.

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