the year we didn't ask for

I decided to rewrite this entry because originally, I let myself be a little too raw about how this year has been. I think we all know how shitty this world has been these last few months so instead, I deleted everything and decided that I'd focus on something more positive. My beautiful friend just lost her husband to complications from the coronavirus - and I mean he truly suffered in the worst possible way in the 93 days he was in the ICU - from having his leg amputated, dialysis, strokes, sepsis, lung infections, having a pacemaker placed, being put in a medically induced coma and needing a double lung transplant to survive. The point of what I'm saying is that through it all, my friend has been the most positive and strong woman from day 1 to now, where she is readjusting to life as a widow and single mom to a one year old baby, all while grieving at the same time but never without a smile on her face and encouraging us to live our lives and find happiness every day that we are here on earth. It just felt wrong to complain about things when someone who has gone through hell and back is out there making every day count and so that's what I'm striving to do here as well.

I've recently left my job as a nurse on the covid task force and instead am looking at other opportunities that would allow me to be happier. I know how that sounds but I've always been an advocate for happiness. The one thing that has changed for the better is the fact that I am now a coach at [solidcore], which has been one of my favorite workouts and a dream of mine since becoming a fitness professional. I auditioned two years ago and did not make it but I told myself to keep trying and now it's happened and I am extremely proud. I do feel a bit cheated out of the experience since I've fulfilled this dream during a pandemic. Everything has been different and difficult as we navigate through these uncharted waters.

In an effort to redirect this blog so that it isn't solely on fashion, I want to start sharing other aspects of my life that have become just as important... because all the muffins and oreo truffles I have perfected during quarantine deserves its moment. And also since I haven't been in NYC, my fashion sense has somewhat become a little less chic and less black. Unfortunately, all that these photos do for me is make me look like I'm 24 years old hanging out on a wannabe platform 9 3/4. Bear with me while I figure out how to dress myself again after spending months in a sports bra and yoga pants.

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