i've got 99 problems and tying a shirt is one

Here's me being a ding dong. When I was first sent this shirt, I tried it on and loved it. I liked the way the sleeves were scrunchy and how the back and tie looked. Then when I actually had to go out and wear it, I grew frustrated with the tie and why the heck no matter what I did, the blouse looked terribly disheveled. Turns out, I had worn it backwards this time around. And I didn't even realize it until much later... as in after all the photos were already taken. We were able to take one photo of the shirt worn correctly before it started to pour. At least there's evidence of me knowing how to wear a shirt properly.

Get the blouse so that you, too, can wear it backwards ;)


Shirt: Zara Striped Blouse with Pleated Sleeves and Bow Belt 

Pants: Zara Asymmetric Flare Trousers

Shoes: Celine

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