What's better than finding the perfect sweater? Designing your own. Here is my  first sweater, designed and styled by me. Who knows, maybe one day I'll come out with a small clothing line of my own... there's quite a bit of brainstorming, mood boarding, and sketching over here ;) 

Can we talk about frayed jeans for a second? There are so many of these kinds of jeans trending right now, whether you want a heavy fray or just want to flirt with some uneven hems. If you want to invest in a nice pair, its gonna cost you. If you're feeling creative, there is a fun alternative. I had an old pair of jeans I was willing to experiment on and a simple DIY search on youtube got me this as my final product and I'm pretty pleased with it. The best part about uneven hems is that you can't really screw it up. It can be as crooked as your heart desires and you can flash a big smile afterwards because hey, you meant for that to happen. Right? Right. 

Wearing: Revolve Denim old but similar here  | Gucci loafers | Sweater (Marie)

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