holes in my pants

Shoes: Modern Vice | Jeans: Revolve | Coat: AllSaintsLive | Top: Topshop 
I'm currently trying to clean out my closets as part of my spring cleaning chore list and I always find that this task is my least favorite thing of all. Did I mention that we are on week three of this project? No? Well we are! And not because I have that much stuff to begin with, it just seems that whenever I try to get it done, my mind wants to do other things... like say for example, trying a new recipe or breaking out the paint and doing something crafty or planting some fruit trees in the backyard. It's bizarre. 

Today, however, I did manage to go through my pants and set aside some for donation and I came across these lovely pair of jeans. They are one of only two pairs of jeans I own with holes. During my last closet cleanse, I got rid of all the distressed denim I owned because they weren't really my thing anymore and here's why: they are, in my humble opinion, hit or miss. It really depends on what look you're going for and distressed denim can go horribly wrong really fast if you don't pair it just right. 

These jeans are more on the liberal side of holes but in case you ever felt like you wanted to rock a pair, this look is how I style them. You're half distressed but also put together. Which, oddly enough, is how my personal life typically falls. I'm half a mess but also half with it. Who else is with me on that one? Anyone? Anyone at all?

That being said, let it be known that I spent the majority of this day rocking red lipstick and going from one food joint to another. I mean, it may look like I had places to go but truthfully, the only people that got to see me today were workers from a Chinese restaurant, Chick-fil-a, and the Great American Cookie store. So yeah, very productive day off if I may say so myself. 

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