the time i remembered i had a blog

Happy New Year! [or otherwise known as my last year in my twenties] And not a single blog post in 2014. That seems crazy to me. Partly because an entire year went by THAT fast but also because I can hardly believe that I made no time to document anything at all and so much has changed. But to all five of you who are reading this, here I am! A new year, a new blog, and am I going to blog like I've never blogged before to make up for lost time.

So many things happened at the end of last year where I had to stop and ask myself, "Is this real life?" And not particularly in a good way. It's not the best way to close up another twelve months but the nice thing about January is that it gives you the opportunity to start new. My main goal this year as a 29 year old is just to do things that will make me happy. It's such a cliche sound but it's been the missing piece of this journey through my twenties. Well, not completely, but do I have to be 100% accurate on here? ;)

I've started to go to ballet classes again and it's made such a huge improvement in my overall happiness. In the process, I've learned that my body at this age is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Like maybe my denial in having to purchase a leotard in a size large. I'm sure I'm too old to have hit puberty but where did these come from? Or the fact that my ankles are weaker. And I'm perpetually sore no matter how much I stretch or how often I go to class. It's a good bad feeling, you know? Like my old self is coming alive. Why didn't I keep dancing after college? It makes no sense. It's a nice reminder to slow down, get to know myself again, stay ambitious, but also make time to do the things I enjoy. It gets harder the older we get, I know. We are so caught up with everything else in life with trying to get ahead or even just trying to keep up.

So #Happiness2015 ... who's with me?