look what's flaring up again

Jeans: Express | Top: F21 | Hat: F21
I'm not going to lie but I can't properly write this blog post if Sonny and Cher aren't playing in the background. If this is what bell bottoms do to you, it might not be the worst thing to happen. Are you listening to The Beat Goes On and Baby Don't Go yet?

Isn't it funny how fashion styles always make their way back? Enter flare jeans. Or as I call them... bell bottoms. You know, briefly when I was in the fifth grade, bell bottoms were in. Does anyone else remember that? 1996 maybe? Sometimes it would even have some color going down the side. So when I saw these at the store, my heart kind of pitter-pattered as if I were reclaiming a childhood trend. Truthfully though, I do like these pictures because they remind me of my mom. She wore bell bottoms when she was my age and I think we look a lot alike. Also, it's a good excuse to channel my inner 60s Cher.

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