feeling good

Jeans: Madewell | Top: H&M | Hat: F21 | Shoes: F21
Today was a feel good kind of day. 60s! We all needed this break from the cold. For me, the fact that I could ditch my winter coat for the day had me in all sorts of joyous feelings. It all started when I went to church today -- a new place I started going to called New Life but more about this later -- and the talk was about how we make others feel by the words we choose to say. I know there are people that have said things to me that I will always remember. Sometimes these words I remember are good but a lot of times, the things I remember are the ones that are hurtful. To be more mindful, we have to change our heart before we can change our tongue. And not to get too religious all up in here, I just want to leave you all with a message on being kind:

Be kind to your family. Be kind to your friends. Be kind to strangers. Be kind to yourself.

Just spreading some truth on a feel good Sunday. 

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