craigslist adventures

Tee: Old Navy | Skirt: Madwell | Shoes: F21 | Purse: Kate Spade 

Holy ozone batman! The past few days have been hot. Really hot. Like this chica is en fuego kind of hot. Which is why I think this outfit was a stupid idea. A heat stroke death wish, if you will. The only explanation for why I'd choose to wear all black is because I'm crazy. 

In other news, can we talk about Craigslist for a moment? I'm currently looking for a new place to move into and it's been quite the lengthy process. I know I'm a late bloomer over here but this is actually my first time moving into a place with roommates. My first experience moving out was with my boyfriend years ago. I was hardly 22 and my living situation felt more like an actual home than what I'm attempting to do now. I'm still having a hard time understanding the concept of living with strangers and sharing living spaces with furniture that isn't even your own. 

So Craigslist. Is there any other reliable source out there that you have used that may be beneficial for this girl? Because so far, the search hasn't been working out really well for me. I really liked one of the places I visited but then I was told that I had to be able to cook dinner with everyone every Tuesday, go out for drinks on Fridays and list my favorite tv shows so it could be synced with everyone else's shows which everyone watched on Sundays. Another place I liked had a strange deal in which I was expected to not come home on weekends or that I would be sleeping elsewhere some days during the week. Which makes me wonder, why am I paying a good amount of money if I can't sleep there? And what the heck are you doing in that house that you feel like I shouldn't be around to see or know? 

And I know, what's so bad about cooking, hanging out and watching favorite tv shows with potential roomies? I don't have anything against it. I'd actually appreciate being able to get along with roommates except I kind of want a friendship to happen organically and if it fits with the crazy, rotating schedule that a nurse has. Sometimes after 12 hour shifts, you just want to go home, shower and pass out. I just didn't know the process of finding a place could be this hard. Don't even get me started on the, Oh you're not vegan? You don't work in international development? You're not a Pats fan? deal breakers some people seem to have. 

So yeah, Craigslist. Sometimes a strange place to venture in. But mostly, it's just interesting.

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