cherry blossoms, flowers & sun

I know I talk a whole lot about the weather. Ok, I get it. You get it. I hate winter. And for awhile, it seemed like spring would never get here. March fooled us with a snowstorm and Easter was fah-reeee-zing! But, you guys, guess who decided to show up afterall? That's right, spring!

One of the things I love love love about living so close to DC is we get the cherry blossoms every year. I like feeling like a tourist just like everyone else. When I first saw them this year, the buds hadn't even bloomed yet. When I went today, they had already hit their peak. So I missed the blossoms at their peak but it didn't stop me from taking out my bike and riding around the city today which just really hit the spot. And Hains Point, man. It is the place to go. 

Other fun activities that have me spreading happy cheer: buying flowers for the garden and patio we just finished building in the backyard, filling the kitchen up with tulips, taking walks with family, driving with the windows down, smoothies. The little things, you know. 

So really spring... why don't you stick around for a bit?

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