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Today was such a slow yet wonderful day. It's such a treat when I get to carve out my day doing exactly what I want to do: grab some tea, try a new recipe, dance class, and then settle early in bed to listen to a new episode of the podcast I just started (anyone listening to S-Town?). Tomorrow is a day full of studying so I'm happy I got to do these fun things on a beautiful day. 

I am interested, however, in knowing what others enjoy doing in their free time. What are you reading these days, or if you've watched any interesting documentaries, maybe you're listening to a podcast that you're really enjoying, cooked something relatively uncomplicated and delicious, or listening to a new artist thats been on repeat. Let me know, some of my favorite books have come from recommendations! 


Sunglasses: Loewe Filipa Sunglasses 

Hat: Brixton Wesley Wool Fedora  (similar) 

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